This new concept store, created by renowned designer Pippa Toledo and her daughter Ninnia Toledo, is focused exclusively on gorgeous, handpicked fashion and lifestyle items.

Among the highlights of this beautiful collection, you will find jewellery and handbags by Pippa Toledo by Ninnia Toledo, as well as a plethora of other fashion items including fedora hats, exclusive high-end fragrances, sunglasses, hair bands, and scarfs. There is also a nod towards Pippa Toledo’s background as one of Malta’s most celebrated interior designers, with a number of items for the home, including pretty accessories, luxury scented candles and scatter cushions.

“The creation of L’Allee is a dream come true for Pippa and I,” says Ninnia, who runs the boutique. “We are thrilled to bring together our own jewellery and bag collections, as well as to have brought together many of our favourites brands from across the board. They are all exclusive, high-end and handpicked, so you can be sure of choosing a really beautiful gift for a loved one – or even selecting something special for yourself!”