We believe that our accessories should reflect your individuality. Whether it is to be dainty, elegant, sophisticated, boho, modern, edgy, masculine, or fierce- your jewellery should tell your story. We LOVE creating jewellery and we feel that every piece should be as unique and beautiful as you are!

We feel strongly about maintaining the highest level of quality and providing you with a timeless piece of jewellery . A result of years of experimentation and artistic exploration, our collection brings an original and creative approach to design, one that is not constrained by traditional approaches or dictated by trends. As we grow, we aim to continue to curate a collection that provides a way for our customers to express their individual style.
This is why we also treasure our bespoke pieces and also why all of our designs are customizable so we welcome custom orders. Cultivating a truly bespoke service for customers wishing to create a piece that is one-of-a-kind and symbolic with personal meaning, Pippa Toledo will work closely with each client to ensure their vision comes to life.


Our handmade jewellery is made in small series in our studio in the heart of the mediterranean on the tiny island of Malta. 

Should customers wish to customise our existing pieces or create something unique from the start, appointments can be scheduled in our design studios in Malta or alternatively pop us an email below and we'll get in touch!